ChanceFocus Research Paper Accepted at Esteemed NeurIPS 2023

In an emblematic move underscoring our commitment to financial artificial intelligence innovation, ChanceFocus is proud to announce that our research paper, titled “PIXIU: A Comprehensive Benchmark, Instruction Dataset, and Large Language Model for Finance,” has secured its place at the respected NeurIPS 2023 Track Datasets and Benchmarks.

The finance realm has long awaited advancements that can harness the potential of Large Language Models (LLMs). Recognizing the industry’s gap, our team at ChanceFocus has taken pioneering strides with PIXIU.

Our groundbreaking paper unveils:

  • An unparalleled financial LLM, fine-tuned with intricate instruction data.
  • An expansive instruction dataset, packed with a staggering 128K samples, meticulously crafted for precise fine-tuning.
  • A benchmark, designed to evaluate and cover eight cardinal financial tasks.

Through an in-depth exploration, our researchers analyzed numerous existing LLMs, highlighting their capabilities and scope in the financial domain. This initiative firmly anchors our vision to galvanize open-source evolution in financial AI.

We invite the research community, industry stalwarts, and AI aficionados to delve into our findings. The paper, along with its associated datasets and code, is accessible from our PIXIU GitHub Repository. We’ve ensured transparency by releasing all resources under the MIT License.

A heartfelt acknowledgment to our dedicated team of co-authors: Qianqian Xie, Weiguang Han, Xiao Zhang, Yanzhao Lai, Min Peng, Alejandro Lopez-Lira, and Jimin Huang. Their collective expertise and relentless efforts have been the cornerstone of this seminal achievement.

At ChanceFocus, we remain steadfast in our mission to meld the worlds of finance and AI, driving unparalleled innovations for the future.